The Board of Directors of The Healing Place of Hampton Roads has voted to move into a transition phase as they look at the potential collaboration and partnership with an existing recovery program. 


The Healing Place of Hampton Roads ... helping people find a way back!

At this time, our program is in the planning phase and we are not open for services.  The Healing Place of Richmond is a partner program and is modeled after the same peer support model that we will be using.   As of  April 1st, 2017, The Healing Place in Richmond will be prioritizing the Recovery and Sobering Up Center beds to accommodate clients from within their service area. Clients from outside that area will be accepted on a fee basis only, based on bed-space availability. The non-refundable fee upon entrance to the residential program will be $2,500. This fee will cover our entire program, room and board, all supplies, including the 5-week job-readiness Works Program and two years of follow-up. The fee for access to the Sobering Up Center will be $450. If the client chooses to enter the recovery program from the Sobering Up Center, the $450 will go toward the full $2,500 program fee.

For further information contact Al Jackson, Program Director @ 804-887-1580.